Who are we

Global Music Label S.L The Company was founded at the end of the year 1995.
Fou a l’any 1995 Now that the group will say I'll consider it to function as record, in other words that is, a promotion department as most important function.
He 2015/2016 celebrate the 20 years of the company.
Our philosophy and our challenge has been and is, promote music in Catalan. Help new groups to make themselves known, the music of our artists, and to consolidate groups already operating.


'Input Sopa de Cabra our label was one of the first challenges: put back in place the rock band most emblematic Catalan. When we hired came from the multinational BMG Ariola and her latest album had sold a 7000 units. With the first album we edit Sopa de Cabra sold were achieved 32.000 units. Their next three albums were: “New”, “It rains and it's sunny” i “Good night bastards”, all discos d’Or.


vui day has more than 7.000 references in Catalan, and a fan of Catalonia and the best artists of all musical styles.
As, currently, the record that provides more artists singing in Catalan and more sound in the media (radio, TV, Ambiental music, series, etc.)

We currently have more than 80{b28b1acf4fd919e270d42b42b039353e69b95bcc20de9313e8b9fb85515c8670} most renowned artists in Catalonia. Like for example: Dogs, the Iaia, the catarres, obessa, rhea, Pantaleo, pouring water on , Pepet I Marieta, Cesk Fresnos and Miquel Abras, Beth, Quimi Portet, Marc Parrot, Pau Vallvé, Inspira, Mine, Glaucs, U-Ma, Delên, Maria Coma, Miquel Abras, Gertrudis, Jofre Bardagí, etc.
And a very important fund catalog with names like: Sopa de Cabra, Because you say, Lax'n'Busto, Whiskyn’s, Gerard Quintana, Dharma Electric Company, Brams
We made albums tribute, original projects, compilations and / or products "Special Marketing" as important as: The tribute to Sopa de Cabra "Can I go back”, “Be loved… in Catalan”, “Other Christmas songs”, “sow Misery”, “A tribute oath-Pah”, “50 years of song”, “I can not remove the head”, “Lady of the Republic"TVE Joinventure with Sony Music, Disc program Delicatessen Icat FM Radio, “The guest” , Red bracelets, Oh Happy Day, Cites , Merli TV3 and many more.


l’any 2004 we wanted to make a small jump as company, So the way to work and to improve our quality. That is why the root of boosting our label "mother" and at the same time the insignia "Global music”, it will create a sub-label named Mass Records, where our aim was and is, go for quality Catalan artists who sing in other languages ​​other than Catalan. And so, managed to raise the prestige of the label as the Global Mass in the most important independent record companies in Spain.

A l’any 2008 s’entregà a Dogs a disc d’Or for his work "Metamorphosis"And also to gain recognition 5 Enderrock and awards a prize to the Catalan disc in the disc "Oxygen”.

A year later the same thing happened with Miquel Abras, that was awarded 3 Awards and Enderrock the Catalan disc 2009.

Al 2010 we created a sub-label called "amniotic Records"Which includes the new artists and groups the most representative "Indie" Deutsch with Maria Coma, Inspira, Pau Vallvé, U_mä, Nico Roig, Ferran Palau, etc.
And the creation of a sub-label children's music called in Catalan music Trapella.

Al 2012 we deliver disc d’or the disc "Cop Rock"From the musical Dagoll Dagom.

Al 2013, with 30 records released, we remain committed to the music of our country.
deliver 1 platinum for more 40.000 copies sold of "Red bracelets”, i dos discos d’or, “Oh Happy Day"Since you and with Dire"movements Wild"For more 20.000 copies sold.
with The catarres have achieved the great success of the year, where apart from having "the song of the summer", have the best awards 2013 (4 awards Enderrock, Arc Award, Disc Award Catalan Year, …).
Albums by artists such as The catarres, Dogs, Beth, Maria Coma or Other Songs of Christmas 5, are located within the soundscape Catalan.


l 2014 deliver disc d’or a Oh Happy Day 2, and produce albums as Where is the Magic Iaia, The ink landscapes Catarres, Out the window Marc Parrot and so on 20 discos.
Al 2014 created a customs subsegell Dance for Catalan authors "MGD Records”.
Committed to producing the disc with the show "The little Prince”.

Al 2015 Top rated remove one of the disks . awarded and most successful in the Catalan music . The album "Big Bang" from The catarres, as well as us to learn about this decision ( Best album by critics) rhea, Pepet and Ladybug, Pantaleo XY, Carles Carolina….
Also this year we first join venture with a multinational, Even with a young man, all the musical criticism stands as one of the most emerging throughout Spain and Europe. with The Enric Verdaguer, because three years ago we were working hard with him.

We deliver a disc d’ Or for second season Oh Happy Day . And we get the new album winners In Growing, Deudeveu , Geriona i Amarcor.
This year found a new and very sublabel • hope and future: “SMALL MIRACLES” .
The philosophy that we want to help and give out , artists who we believe have a great future, higher quality and may not have much of a track "trade".
This year we have removed references PANTALEÓ i JULES
It also has two own publishers: Global Music Editions Musicales i Mass Music Publishing over 8.500 songs. In a time where we have signed agreements with producers of TV synchronies.

We must also add our promotion department of the company, four people designed this function (2 dedicated to promoting direct media -TV, radio and press- i 1 aimed at promotion and search the Internet, I Telefonia nine tecnologies, the one for Madrid).


otem growth and presence with digital. And we consolidate for the second consecutive year as the fifth most played radio company in Spain (having three multinationals). This makes us a major record label to promote our artists. And considering that ALL ARE IN CATALAN Touched
We believe, under our humble opinion, virtually all the works of our artists enrich the landscape and soundscape of our country.

Some of these proposals for discovering new talent and emerging.
Where the public and the critics have valued the effort. artists like: rhea, obessa, Pantaleo, Jules, XY, Carles Carolina …. etc
others like Dogs, Beth, The catarres, Marc Parrot , Miquel Abras, Quimi Portet, others, are an important part sound space Catalan.
We remain members Board Promusicae i Agedi to Madrid, and the Board of APEC.
We have noticed a significant increase with the digital section.

Our physical distribution door and Sony Music Digital Altafonte.
And we continue distribution month 80 Good price centers and Catalan Pop music.