VictorMame – Night melodies with oneself

VictorMame – Night melodies with oneself

In line more sensitive and artistic, recently invested a lot of time to make jam sessions. S'asseia al your piano, was recorded by music and let flow his fingers in minutes, even hours. Sometimes thinking about topics that inspire and leaving others blank mind. Thus was born this disc, the idea of ​​transforming these little melodies in songs that were generated in jam sessions and collect them because they were heard around the world.

Victor Martinez "Victormame” (Granollers, 1988) is a professional pianist and member of Dr. Meadows and Monday 14 October presents his first solo piano album "Night Melodies with Oneself”. This comprises 9 original compositions performed very gently stir to get inside the listener. Video Making of:

Victormame began playing the piano 8 years and since then has not stopped. After completing the degree through classical piano at the Conservatory of Granollers, studied higher degree specializing in piano interpretation of jazz and modern music in ESEM- Taller in Barcelona. Victor has always been a very versatile musician and this has led to operate two profiles very marked: the first sensitive, artistic and spiritual and the second holiday, informal and in order to entertain. In this, For over a year began to generate content for online Twitch (direct broadcasts), a channel called “victormame” The "Your Pianist Confidence” which plays songs in the letter to the people who see (series, by·movies, video games, Disney, Studio Ghibli, anime … among other styles). Canal Twitch:


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