For the love of art – Miquel Abras

For the love of art – Miquel Abras


After two and a half years without taking new record material, Miquel Abras gives us thirteen new songs that shape the fifth album by this artist.

"For the love of art" (Global music 2014) is the name of this work made , recorded and mixed in La Bisbal under production ampurdanés Carlus Ramió, has been able to take the full force of this privileged broken voice .

With this disc Abras wanted to pay tribute to everyone at some point of the day, have time to help others without expecting anything in return, in other words that is, for art's sake.

In this new work Miquel Abras saves its most romantic songs like "Days of Glory", "I look, I look and rivers ", "You are part of the air", and most affirmative with "For the love of art", "Injustice" or "We live in the present". Abras speaks without filters or metaphors of their experiences in love, in life and even afford to get a car- Radiography of defects with the song "Visceral".

In this latest work their lyrics and melodies excite and engage more than ever, a disc where you can find many influences from American pop rock, com of artist John Mayer, Bruno Mars, Jason Mraz….

It's been ten years since the release of the first album and are now bisbalenc numerous awards won during this dedicated path. But in this latest album, Abras is very clear who owes its continuity in this profession and dedicated a song to his loyal "The best reward is you"

1. You look at me and Miro Rivers
2. Life
3. For the love of art
4. You are part of the air
5. Glory days
6. The song that changed the world
7. hidden
8. injustice
9. We live Present
10. You are the Best Award
11. Visceral
12. Everything reminds me of You
13. Sol


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