Miki Núñez – FUN

Miki Núñez – FUN

“fun”, Friday sees the light. The first album Miki Núñez. Produced and recorded by Roger Rodés studies Medusa, contains 13 Miki songs composed by himself. There can be no better start for an artist “fun”. An album full of nuances, Catalan scene influenced by mixed, but also for the soul, l'should, reggae and Latin pop.

Just a few months premiered Miki Núñez “celebrity”, his first single, reaching N1 to N1 iTunes and YouTube Trends in reaching more 2,5 million visits. Tickets for the concert in Barcelona next January sold out in just 2 hours.

Miki Núñez was signed on discs 18 September Mall Finestrelles d'Esplugues de Llobregat in 18hrs.


Miki Bio Núñez:
born 1996 (terrace, Spain), Miki Núñez studied music since he was a child, because his parents insisted that acquired musical foundations for developing a musical career, learning to play instruments like guitar and piano. This musical, which is compatible with the university, has been vital in his step for talent 'Idol', that was in sixth place, at the gates of the final, in addition to being selected to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.Gira'Amuza':
Miki Núñez just announce their networks dates of which will be his first solo tour.
These concerts will feature in his repertoire with all the songs from their first album as well as some of the songs that enjoys singing with his band life. The tour will visit 14 Cities of Spain.


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