Maria Jacobs – Invisible

Maria Jacobs – Invisible


The singer and musician Valls Maria Jacobs is release. Entitled "Invisible", Jacobs makes a small turn towards pop-country style with a repertoire of eleven new songs, as explained singer, show a new way of thinking and doing. Seven of these new songs are in English and four in Catalan, a record that wants to show the importance of things "invisible", that, according to Jacobs, are "coming to the heart".

The lyrics of this new album reflect issues related to feelings, especially positive, such as hope or sense of risk. Maria Jacobs also highlights two issues of social issues; a, "It is the same", He faced the dignity of women, and the other, Woman importance to the spirit of excellence to deal with bullying, the song "You are stronger".

In the new work, the band had not done naked as ever and shows both strengths and weaknesses, opening us, a one of a, the doors of his house. Under production Marc Martin, La Folie has sought to modernize the sound without losing the essence exploring, along with producer, new ways of saying what we have always tried to express with his music: warmth and sincerity dressed forcefulness and strength.


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