The bookstore (The Bookshop) (Original Soundtrack)

The bookstore (The Bookshop) (Original Soundtrack)


THE BOOKSTORE, enthusiastically received by critics, It has also achieved the blessing of the public. The film opened with 115 copies and has raised so far more of 460.000 euros, congregating almost 80.000 spectators and getting the best per screen average of the weekend, to the touch the 4.000 euros per film. With this data, THE BOOKSTORE overcomes blockbusters how “Thor: Ragnarok”  (2.815€ / who), “The secret of Marrowbone”  (2.658€ / who), “Happy day of your death” (3.304€ / who) Y “air” (1.666€ / who). further, the film has been number 1 in 65 cinema complexes, more than half of the rooms where it is projected.

THE BOOKSTORE It is placed from now among the best releases Isabel Coixet, near figures “Elegy” Y "The secret Life of the words", the latter half a million euros in the first weekend 2005, and he ended with 3,4 million of revenue and 660.000 viewers.
Sharing THE BOOKSTORE It is headed by British actress Emily Mortimer ("Hugo's invention", “Shutter Island”, “Match Point”), Oscar nominee and Golden Globe, Patricia Clarkson (“Elegy”, "Learning to drive") Y Bill Nighy (“Love Actually”, "His best story"), winner of a Golden Globe Award and two BAFTAs. They are also part of the cast of Spanish actors Jorge Suquet Y Charlotte Vega, among others.


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