Jofre Bardagí – Hamburg

Jofre Bardagí – Hamburg




Jofre Bardagí, announced (2-5-2019), des de la preciosa ciutat alemana, la publicació del seu nou disc “Hamburg” (Global music, 2019). El vocalista de Glaucs, has been working "secretly", quietly, during the last two years, this collection of songs that now presents.

Nine years after his last solo album (Music black and white), and five years after their last album with Glaucs (We met the night), ens presenta “Hamburg”, a balanced and mature album, full of beautiful melodies and lyrics culpidores, suggesting. An album with his unmistakable stamp. We are facing the best album Jofre Bardagí.

Jofre Bardagí has returned to. Exposed again, and returns with an album full of truths, written from the depths of his feelings. Les cançons de “Hamburg” speak to feel far, of time, look for a, broken relationships or impossible, become a father, definitely, the life of any of us.

El disc inclou la cançó "The Ordet and Piopà", written from one of the last songs he composed his father, Josep Mª Bardagí, Death ago 18 years.

Jofre takes advantage of the beautiful melody of his father, to talk to, and tell him it would have been nice to see him playing with his granddaughter. A song that puts the willies, on també hi participa l’ Ordet Bardagí, nine years, and daughter of Jofre, singing to his grandfather. Amb arranjaments de quartet de corda de Pere Bardagí (brother Josep Mª Bardagí), i la guitarra acústica de Lluís Alsina (and former member of Glaucs Nevot Josep Mª Bardagí), this is a beautiful tribute to the familiar figure of Josep Mª Bardagí.

the album, mostly recorded in the same house Jofre, and mixed studies Valley, has attended, apart from the aforementioned, Pere Alsina and Lluís Bardagí, Force musicians usual productions Jofre Bardagí:

Alexandre Rexach(Glaucs), Joaquim Xicoira, Berenguer Aina, Dani Ferrer (Love of Lesbian), angel Valentine(Glaucs), Jose Luis Vadillo(Glaucs), Joaquim Alabau

I la participació del cantant Litus Ruiz Bosch, putting voice to the delicate "As we have always done".

the album, since yesterday, Can already be found on all digital platforms.

També podeu trobar a youtube el videoclip de la cançó "The Flock", creat per Tito Baraldés i el mateix Jofre Bardagí.


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