Joanjo Forest – Direct Barnasants

Joanjo Forest – Direct Barnasants


Live music and recorded, often so different from each other, share space in imminent length of the musician born in Figueres, Joanjo Forest, who wanted to perpetuate the concert last 23 March in the hall of Girona The Planet, in the festival Barnasants. The album, Direct Barnasants (Global music, 2019), recull les cançons que l’artista ha anat publicant al llarg de la seva trajectòria en solitari en un repertori que inclou gran part de l’últim disc

The event was led by Girona and acoustic and electric guitars, how could it be otherwise, per la seva característica veu. The job, which will be released in full next 25 October, thus becomes a guide to understanding the essence of rock singer root. Today we released a video of the artist for a few minutes to revive the energy of the performance Barnasants.

The video was recorded the day of the concert performing under Carlos López (Mandala Video). The singer fills the stage with two musicians who usually accompany: Luis Costa on guitar and vocals, i Lluís Figueres a l’acústica.


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