Flashy Ice Cream feat. Chill C – Tears of Blood

Flashy Ice Cream feat. Chill C – Tears of Blood

dedicated to youth protests against the ruling by the process and especially the disturbances arising as a result of police violence. Sums up the spirit of many of those who have taken to the streets across the country this past week. In nineteen hours, already have thirteen thousand reproductions Instagram.

Sabadell rappers were going to venture into the world of urban music a little over a year. Since then, The trio has been defined his style publishing a series of issues that are experimenting with rap, dancehall i reggeaton, in what they themselves have called on occasion as “agrotrap”. They are young and have things clear, as demonstrated in his first album, Shine or die (Global music, 2019), which opens today with ten songs filled with verses and thoughts of protest that put voice to the social struggle led by the generation Z.

“The output of the disc is the professional group, we devote ourselves fully to music,” claim Flashy Ice Cream.It is in this context that the trio released their first album, indèdites that features songs and others that have already been bringing to light. As stated the c.tur, a group of DJs, “just make a record, we made a mixtape, as there are songs recovered.” A recording debut with the young rappers want to show their skills. “We want to show who we are, what we do and how we do,” call.

Flashy Ice Cream his talent became apparent from cabbage·Collaborations with fellow Scene 31 Fam or raper Lildami, who sang “Collin’ wheat”, which is where the concept was born “agrotrap”. “It arose as a joke, by references that are in nostrades songs, in which the audience can hardly feel identified whether or not Catalan has been a long time living in Catalonia.” This thematic line is still valid in the new songs gang, it also claims and positions in street fighting championed for youth in songs like Catalan “Tears of Blood”. One issue on which they have co amn·operation of Chill C which premiered last 19 October.

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