David Nuri – War and Peace

David Nuri – War and Peace

Throughout my life, and without being very aware, I found sporadically with a very specific feeling, complacent and magic. A few months ago, reading a book on Spartans (and his famous battles in antiquity) I came across a concept helped put this feeling into words. This is the’exoterike harmonia.

According to the Spartans, is the state of union with fellow equivalent to an agreement stringed instrument or agreement of a heart. In the battle, l’exoterike harmonia guides phalanx to move and attack like a single body and mind will. In Love unites lovers a perfect union without words. In politics, create a city harmony and unity. So in music, l’exoterike harmonia unites musicians and audience to create unique moments together.

Natural Centelles, David started playing the alto saxophone with 10 school years municipal his people. Years later changed the tenor saxophone and started playing with musicians from around the region. During these years, also he studied Advertising and Public Relations. Later, enter the ESEM Taller attended by jazz saxophone performance of higher education.

Bonobos was part of the group who was singer and saxophonist who played with during 6 years throughout the Catalan territory. With this group recorded discs "Animalànima" and "Call". A part, was part of the Mexican tour group and txaranga participate in the final tour 2016 the Catarres, with whom he recorded his latest album c"All my principles".

He has been part of other groups and co·worked with other musicians like rheas, Victor the, Babylon Roots Wolfish, Current, Laura Cruells, Jambalaya, La Selva Big Band, etc. He has also participated in festivals like U-Zona Reggae, Voll-Damm Festival de Jazz de Vic, camping Young, Connections Festival, Clown Festival or Telecogresca.


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